Share a moment with splitz

March 16, 2020 by share splitz

Our devices don’t have to isolate us. What if our technology worked to connect us? At splitz, we are all about sharing moments and making connections. Our headphones allow you to share your world with the people around you. Instead of plugging in and tuning out everyone else, splitz brings you together.53068853_M

When you plug in a set of splitz headphones, you are never alone. Your kids, their friends, their little brother who always wants to be a part of what the big kids are doing, the shy, new girl your daughter just met on the bus, your husband and you sharing a movie after the kids go to bed — everyone can plug in their pair of splitz and hear what you hear, and share a moment together.

You can listen to the same music, watch the same videos and play the same games on any device with a 3.5mm jack. And it’s easy. With splitz, you always have two extra jacks connected to your headphones, just waiting for someone to plug in and spend time with you. This isn’t an extra part that can get lost in your purse, either. These headphones already have everything you need for anyone to plug in to them, securely attached to the cord. They are durable, comfortable and affordable. They are utterly shareable.

The idea of sharing moments and making connections is at the core of the story of splitz. We began when our 17-year-old founder, Emmie, came home from school and shared with her father her vision for a set of headphones that would make it easier to share moments with people. The idea came to her when she and a friend each split a pair of earbuds, one bud for each girl, so they could listen to the same music while doing their schoolwork. Instead of being lost in their own world, they were experiencing it — the music, their friendship, their schoolwork, their struggles and joys as a teenager, this specific moment in time — together. They weren’t alone. And that matters, for teens, for kids of any age, and for us grown-ups, too.

When Emmie told her dad about her idea to make headphones that were designed to make sharing these moments easier, he thought it was a great idea. And what is so touching about the splitz story is that they did it together. They designed these awesome headphones, father and daughter, spending time together, connecting over creating this business, and making something that would help others come together as well.

We don’t have to be alone. Our technology can be designed to bring us together. All of us.