Hello, world! Introducing: Splitz

March 15, 2020 by share splitz

Such a big part of life is sharing moments and creating connections with people whom you love and feeling like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself. That’s exactly the sentiment that inspired our co-founder, Emmie, to make a difference through what would become Splitz.

Our headphones with a built-in splitter mean you can instantly plug in and share media with anyone, while enjoying clear, balanced sound. Pretty cool, right? Even cooler is the fact that this has been a project two years in the making by a young woman with a vision and heart.

“I first had the idea in eighth grade English class because we were sitting just doing some work so our teacher said that we could plug in our headphones and listen to music,” says Splitz Co-Founder Emmie. “So my friend and I wanted to listen to the same thing and share music. She had one earbud in one ear and I had the other in my ear. It wasn’t the best setup because you’d pull and lose connection. So I thought: What if we made a product around sharing media and sharing connections by splitting your earbuds.”

So she and her dad got to work and started researching concepts — and bonded in the process. The two put their heads together and Splitz was born! It’s easy, fast, and allows you to connect with your friends in real time. But there’s more to it than the innovative spirit. Emmie and her dad both agree that the project is a labor of love. In his words, “This isn’t about making money. This isn’t even about the business. It’s been about her and I connecting together on this fun project and something that we’re both passionate about.”

Join the Splitz family and discover the joy of sharing your world with others.