Introducing Splitz

Life sounds better together

Headphones with built-in splitter

Instantly plug in and share with friends

Clear, balanced sound for all
(even with 3+ splitz connections)


Share Moments.
Create Connections.

Instantly plug in and never miss the opportunity to share a moment and create a connection.

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Yes, traveling with kids can be this good.

Parents, whether you're on a road trip or in the air, you can rest easy when your kids can plug in and share their favorite movie, tv show, or music on one device.


Share your world.

Your world is worth sharing. Plug in and start connecting.


Connect with the
ones you love.

Instantly plug in and connect over a favorite song, audio book, or conversation.

Pick your color.

Works with any 3.5mm jack

Built-in volume control

Clear, balanced sound for all
(even with 3+ splitz connections)

The splitz story -
A two-year journey
of connecting.

Hi, I'm Emmie, and I am 17 years old. I wanted to create a set of headphones that would allow people to instantly share their favorite song, video, or conversation. I mentioned the idea to my Dad and we both got really excited. Over the past two years, we've had an amazing experience connecting together bringing this idea to life.

Our vision of splitz has evolved and become synonymous with sharing with others. Instead of putting in your headphones and being in your own world, splitz allows you to share your world with the people around you. Sharing moments and creating connections with others has become our mission at splitz.

We hope you love splitz.